Steal This Post.

One year ago, my brilliant artist friend sent this cool link by some poet-drawing-writer-dude I never heard of, Austin Kleon, who presented a poignant little slide show at Broome Community College, which I had heard of, because rather attractive husband attended one year, chasing a skirt, (not yet knowing yours truly lurked in the not-so-distant-future).

I shared the link ad nauseam, force feeding it down college kid's throat, and her friends, then became one of those annoying emailers, not for a political cause, or to save dying puppies, or give some kid in chemo a last wish.

But because people should hear this Kleon writer-drawer-thinker guy. And if they can't hear him, then they should read his words and take his advice: steal like an artist.

It's a cool message for everyone looking to jump start life, to ignite an idea. It jump started my return-to-work, and while it's not the only thing that got me going, it is one of the many things that keeps the wheels spinning, the words flowing, the ideas percolating.

It's why I'm at Listen To Your Mother NYC, why I had the balls (or uterus) to audition, and why I didn't run screaming from the room, I DON'T BELONG HERE, but instead, listened, learned, and jotted down a thousand and one ideas from those more talented than I.

Steal Like An Artist is for all human beings, because we are all creative. It's what we do as a people: we make things: babies, ideas, businesses, music, apps, energy, magic.

Buy this book.

It's the you one thing you can do for yourself, for business, your art, your work, your family. Get this book and live it. Encourage your kids, your colleagues, your clients to think a little more like an artist everyday.

Or you could steal mine, because Austin would totally be down with that.


  1. Well ok then...I can't argue with any of that so I will go check it out, and possibly orderr it up!

    1. andrea: you can read the gist of his brilliance here, then decide! http://www.austinkleon.com/2011/03/30/how-to-steal-like-an-artist-and-9-other-things-nobody-told-me/

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  3. Looking forward to the youtube version of your performance!

  4. Love it. And now I am obsessed with the book JUST KIDS that is mentioned (read by Patti Smith on audio) Her speech/ patterns wow it even more.

  5. I have never heard of this book, but because yo love it, I am going to GET IT and READ IT!

    anything you do is GOOD with me. :)