Going on a Business Trip, Gonna Be a Real One, I'm Not Scared!

Not much diff than business trip.
Bear Hunt.

Get it?

Aw, forget it.

So I went on a business trip. Actually, this is my second, but I consider it my first, because the first one didn't count being that I thought Boss Lady was punking me and I spent most of the time looking for that oh-so-hunky Ashton in the bushes.

She took me out into the real world to see if I could hack it. In front of very-important-people. Who happened to be about 12, but still quite smart and savvy. And I was completely prepared to go scampering back home, fired, panties in a knot, crying that I lost more of my brain during childrearing years than I ever dreamed possible.

Not my traveling companion.



Mostly because I didn't open my mouth once, except to eat, which we did often. Business trips are quite delicious. Yum.

So I have returned from Trip 2, with a hurting brain, fatter ass, and really, really bad hair. (Desperately seeking help in the beauty department. And blow-drying department. Because apparently "product" is a necessity, and not just a made-up-concoction for the tweens and teens amongst us.)

But this time I opened my mouth a teeny, tiny bit more, and the words that spilled out did not get embarrass me or Boss Lady. And neither did my hair. Because while I didn't bring hair goop, but she didn't bring deodorant or tampons, and people, in the score keeping of business trips, I sooooo won that competition.

I love this Boss Lady. Cuz she can forget deodorant, tells me if I have nasty in my teeth, and thinks my brain isn't so mushy after all. And I've won over the 12 year olds as well, or at least one of 'em.

Working at home has its kid-friendly, school-friendly, orthodontic-friendly benefits. But hiding at home doesn't bring me face-to-face with brainiac mover and shakers in the industry. Leaving the cave is quite hard on the confidence, but once you get outside and through the icky-squishy mud, and long, wavy grass, and stumbly-tumbly forest, you discover the bear ain't so scary after all.


  1. I totally like ur boss lady. And its wicked that ur heading out on fancy smancy meeting. Great change of pace!

  2. vanita u r the bestest. are you a brit? I hear an accent in your comments & tweets and it ain't brooklyn!

  3. Hey irish mama! "great" has yet to be determined...but completed and able to be checked off the list!