Summer Vacation Unplugged

Appearing nightly, on the best place on earth.
It's the most, magical time.....of the year!

Headed to family camp.  Don't laugh, it's amazing. Four square, line dancing, That's AmorĂ©, birdwatching, log fighting, swimming, hammock relaxing, aaaaMAZing.  You may think it's the middle of nowhere, but we it's the center of our universe.

Our family's Nirvana. Our family's Disney. Which we've never done. And never will. But this place we return to year after year, for 12 years, and we're the newbies. Families have been coming forever, and our goal is to be one of those families.

On Sandy, Sandy Island, rather attractive hubby & I instituted a no cell, no ipod, no laptop, no kidding rule for our fam. We did so last year, and after we battled teenage mutiny, our week was absolutely awesome. This year, Kid1, 2, and 3 left their cell phones and ipods at home, without my even asking. Kid4, Boy, doesn't have any of this stuff. Which he reminds us of over and over and over again. 

Here's a sneak peak of what you get when you unplug: you get summer, pure and simple. I love this place in the middle of a lake in the middle of nowhere. And it shows.


  1. Have fun... wish I could be there!

  2. Love it! Especially the non-Disney approach to vacation.

  3. Oooh sounds wonderful ... have a great timee! :o)