Have Interview; Won't Travel

Ice totally screwed up my career goals.
I had a kick-ass interview today at 10:00 am, a short 23.5 miles away. A perfect job.

A job is fabulously perfect when you read the ad and think:
I could do that. 
And that. 
And I can do that, and that too!

Like matching winning lottery numbers. Check, check, check!

And it's part-time! And tele-commute! And pay is somewhat normal. Okay, maybe not normal, normal, but definitely more than most.

So I pitched. And low and behold, she wrote back. IMMEDIATELY.

And the email dance began.

She wrote.

And I wrote back.

And she wrote again.

It was like passing notes in 6th grade: pre-text, pre-facebook, pre-Skype, AIM and iChat. 

Notes, folded again and again into tiny little origami missiles slid forward in some girl's skanky clog.


Circle one:    yes        no

She circled "Yes."

So we connected on LinkedIn.

Cuz resumes are so yesterday. And LinkedIn is so today.

And she friended me on my personal Facebook which I aptly ignored. Because she likes me and exposure to family and foul-mouthed friends and crazy relatives and political tantrums and religious zealots and high school alum and college memories can wait. For a very, very long time. Plus, she could be a freak too. Unfriending a boss after the fact could be awkward. But I get ahead of myself, because she's not my boss. In fact, I didn't even get the interview.

Pretty, but not when waiting for a tow.
Because it snowed. Again. But that's okay, because this Oswego grad ain't afraid of no snow. But then it rained, and froze on contact. And towns closed. And highways shut down. And non-essentials were told to stay home.

And while I'm more than pissed to be referred to as a non-essential, I don't do ice. I wanted to meet this woman. I wanted to show up on time, on task, with great ideas for a great job. But I didn't want to total the car getting there. Or ruin my shoes waiting for a tow truck.

So I canceled a match-made-in-heaven. Or on Craigslist. Whatever.

But *angels sing*

She rescheduled for TOMORROW. 

Which gave me enough time to sneak out, tailgating a snowplow, in order to buy new pants for a new ass that apparently grew a wee bit since mean ol' snowpocalypse set its big-fat-snowy ass down here in the Northeast and decided not to move.

Back when there was some novelty to snowstorms and school closings. When water didn't drip from every roof crevice and no one knew what a roof-rake was.

We are all so over this. Enough, enough.

Would appreciate good thoughts tomorrow people. Good thoughts for sunny weather and a great interview.


  1. Good thoughts being sent your way. I would love to get together - boys miss Evan. I miss your honest commentary on the crap that goes on. knock'em dead tomorrow. and Mind and ass over matter - wins everytime!

  2. Good thoughts coming your way. If I could send you my good weather, I would do that too.

  3. Smart call not driving yesterday. Warm and positive vibes comin' at ya. Hope it went well!

    Talk about asses: ate 1/2 an ice cream cake yesterday=Big & Happy; thought of Oswego(-18 here). The fact that I was hiking to class on those days plus lake effect and wind chill? = Numb & Dumb

    Keep us posted!

  4. Got the job people!! Owe it all to classic rock station blasting best of the best driving to interview. Nothing like a little AC/DC to take the edge off. Totally rocked it!

  5. Hey, hey, hey, Yay! So happy for you, CONGRATS!