Revenge of the Refund

I'm going in, people.

Tonight's the night. It's time to see what customer service is all about at LOFT. Or should be anyhoos.

Returning to the scene of the purchase, Ann Taylor LOFT, where the pants, seems pre-split prior to purchase unbeknownst to me, allowed my generous somewhat flabby thighs to ooze ever so slightly  mid-meeting. Not familiar with my pants betrayal story? Read about it here.

The great thigh ooze escape

Looking to reimbursed for the $5.00 spent to have holes mended (can't sew. Lame but true).

It's five bucks, LOFT people.

Grown up clothes shouldn't need a tailor upon purchase.

Clearly, I am not billing for pain, suffering and extreme embarrassment, because, frankly, the story is  blogolicious. My grown-up pants, revealing my grown-up thighs to a rather nice client. Who nicely pretended not to notice. I love that dude.

Work-at-home moms do that: work at home. The new, big girl LOFT clothes donned for very important client meeting should have held up, but didn't. And cost me $5.00 to fix. Five bucks I shouldn't have to pay. It's the principal. Am I out of line here?

Wish me luck. I'm going in and seeing if Ann Taylor LOFT folks read my stuff. Or follow my tweets. Or act in anyway human.


  1. Good luck! They should know that all of us readers will keep this story in mind when passing that store at the mall.

  2. I irishmomma! Got $5 smackers burning a hole in my pocket! No problem, no hassle. Will blog about it tomorrow (cuz if it were a problem, you know I'd share my evil wishes about that). So glad, because I hate confrontation.