Read This Before Writing Doomed Cover Letters

Cover Letters Not Included
I want to implore all potential job seekers: STOP WRITING BORING COVER LETTERS.

Whether you are a high-level, high-heeled, high-earning Manolo Blahnik wearing executive, or a mom like me returning to work part-time to buy soccer cleats – you must, and I mean must, stop writing cover letters, emails, querys so unbelievably last century. They just make you sound, well, like everybody else. And when everybody wants the same job you do, you're not doing yourself any favors.

"I am a high level executive with expertise in direct sales and ......"
"I have extensive executive assistant administration experience with impeccable office skills and the ability to work under pressure..."

"Online management professional with a proven track record and the technical know-how to bridge the communication gap between ...
"Effectively manage cross-functional teams in developing functionality."
Instead, tell them what makes you you, in real-person speak, not the teacher voice from the Peanuts.

Don't fill in the blanks with a Stepford-wife response. You may as well say you "think outside the box." AGHHH! Instead, write like a real human being; not a Mad-Libs applicant.

You want the job? Tell in no uncertain terms why you're perfect for it. In language they understand and relate to; using their own terminology in your pitch. This is a sales job: what you're selling is you.

Do something memorable to stand out from the crowd and you just might make the second cut.

Next time, I'll share my unsolicited, unprofessional, and ridiculously unqualified advice about what works for me. Does not nail me a job every time, but I often, quite often in fact, get a response of some sort. And in this market, that's pretty damn close to awesome.


  1. I don't want to be unprofessional in my cover letters, and am afraid this advice might lead me that way. I understand what you are saying, but will decline and opt for a professional clean tone. I don't want to mistakenly say something that will remove me from contention.

  2. Don't be flippant, be personal. Try to make a connection and stand out from the pack. Because the pack is HUGE.goodluck!!!