Face-to-Face Trumps Text-to-Text

Social Media, Thanksgiving Style
When I packed up my dining room (aka home office) and moved everything out for Thanksgiving, the laptop and cell were shut down as well. And apparently my family, even the two with cell phones surgically implanted in their asses, and the Grammy more tech savvy on her iPhone than anyone else in the house, did the same because aside from a couple rogue teens tapping here and there, everyone talked. And ate. And played games. Face to face style. How old-fashioned. How absurd, and yet quite nostalgic, conversation can be.

The truth is there really is no time for social media when you are forced to actually be social. Thanksgiving this year was as if Facebook were made into a reality tv show, affectionately called Life.

Here's what you missed if I had status updates real time:
  • Cleaning up from traditional goose-poop infiltrated Capture-the-Flag game
  • Juggling dinner prep for 20 when guests arrive 4 hours early, hungry
  • Desperate to invade college kid's life as much as motherly possible in 3 short days
  • Keeping the Berndog from clearing off the cheese & crackers and crapping all over the rug
  • Grieving about dead dads
  • Stopping Auntie from quizzing nieces on algebraic equations
  • Limiting atheist conversation with Reverend Doctor
  • Keeping husband from stabbing ______________ 
  • The gravy is lumpy. The gravy is lumpy. Shit, the gravy is lumpy.
  • Filtering, okay, censoring, my growing up stories from Grammy's mouth to teenager's ears
  • Running interference between estranged relative waiting for an It's a Wonderful Life reunion clearly not happening with a someone pretending to be deaf. King Avoidance.
  • Hitting redial 10,000 times to talk to sick sister umpteen states away
  • My father has more food in his beard than I do on my plate
  • Passing phone around and to talk with those who couldn't, or wouldn't, come
  • Laughing, laughing, laughing ass off with pseudo-relative who arrived much too late with the best wine and best cake ever and left too soon. Wasn't done laughing.
  • Debriefing. Talking about everybody, with not a whole lot to complain about. A little disappointed.
  • Fall asleep listening to college girl laughing with high school friends. Love these kids.
Happy to announce I have nothing blog worthy to announce. No drunks. No fist fights. No political upheavals. It was, um nice. And chaotic and crazy and a little bit unnerving, but only just a little bit. Bring on the holidays; I am woman. I can take it.

Life is clearly what happens when you're not on Facebook. But Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are not the demise of human interaction; they are the perfect communication tools to journal life for remembrance and sharing. I really do believe this is a beautiful thing.


  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. And now you will always remember it because you have this post to refer back to. Because we know that at some point, someone will say, was Thanksgiving 2010 the year XXXX stabbed XXXXX? And you can go back to your blog and check...lol.

  2. Me too....lets me see (once again) light spilling through the crack that frames the door across the hall. Leave a note. And peek in.