Dr. Seuss Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving Tradition: Brussel Sprouts
Guess what this working mom found in the grocery store yesterday? Just when the panic of working and momming and preparing dinner in three days was settling into a minor state of panic, I found these fun, happy veggies begging: BUY ME!

I love when I find these still on the stalk, instead of forced into those cute little cylinders all nice and neat with a shower cap rubber banded on top. It's so confining.

It was my third grocery store where I had to go to finish spending a small fortune on a meal that will take me a day to prep and 20 minutes to eat. 

The store where, trying to spend yet another $100 for vegetables that will be lucky to make it to Thursday, a very vertically challenged check out woman almost got beat over the head with this lovely stalk because she wanted to debate the benefits of creamed corn, and I, sadly, did not.

Brussel sprouts. 

Keep all your negativity to yourself people. If nothing else, they'll make you smile on their goofy looking tree. From the land of The Lorax!

Who eats these freakish looking fart bombs?

Me. Pretty much, only me. Sometimes my dad scarfs one down he finds under the stuffing, soaked in gravy, but usually just me. They're so fabulous when sauteed with bacon, but what's better than bacon? Nothing, except perhaps, brussel sprouts and bacon!

Got any freaky delicacies you crave on Thanksgiving? Any must-haves on the table? Weird family foods?

I've showed you mine; now tell me about yours. Go ahead, hit comment. Spill your family food secrets today.


  1. The brussel sprouts look great. I cheat and buy the green giant butter brussel sprouts in the freezer section. Cooking them in bacon sounds delish though, I may have to try that.

  2. Beets. I have to cook them every year and the only person who eats them complains, but asks for seconds. They are pretty, but taste disgusting.

  3. My inlaws insist on lasagne at every holiday. We always need a tray or two. Lasagne and turkey?

  4. I'm all about pumpkin cheesecake and get pretty stoked about it, make it every year. Bacon? I'll be a guest this year with The Bacon Queen (she carries it in the back of her cycling jersey on rides! I-S-Y-N) We have lots of running bacon jokes so I promised to bring my bacon infused attitude this year. Cravings? I'm craving my brother, horsie rides and hugs with my nephews, the chaos, family in-fighting, smell of turkey...Inspired again: I'm gonna try out some new material with a classic twist- Dr. Seuss' Brussel Sprouts with Bacaon! I've got the perfect audience.

  5. How about a weird pink colored jello type mold. Or the orange jello mold with carrots that you eat with mayo. Nasty to think about but delish...Basically on any thxgiving table you need some type of molded food.