Ann Taylor LOFT Done Good!

Ann Taylor LOFT refunds cost of repairing thigh escape.
I've got $5.00 to prove Ann Taylor LOFT knows a good customer when they see one.

I went to LOFT late in search of a refund for the ripped pants that lead to a minor wardrobe malfunction at work.

It was late and I was tired. After high school parent/teacher conferences, before basketball, before eating anything, after tweeting about it incessantly and rehearsing a bit in the car, I was ready for battle. Face to face this time, rather than blog to blog, or tweet to tweet. But I really don't like confrontation. Nobody does.

I entered the store with said pants, tailor's receipt, and armed with iphone ready to tweet my discontent to my less than impressive group of 60some followers, so they tell two friends, and their friends tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on. (Faberge was WAY before their time with social media and Heather Locklear!)

No shoppers in the store. No manager either, which was probably a good thing, because two lovely sales women about my age, sympathetic to the entire oozy thigh episode, apologetic for the manager not returning my calls, recognizing me from a soccer field or pool deck somewhere, trotted right over to the register to reimburse me for the tailoring. Five smackers, no problem. And an apology. That, my friends, was HUGE.

Customer Service Redeemed!
And the morale of the story was, to these ladies, I had found a fabulous tailor that fixed the pants for $5.00! That was the real story. The LOFT ladies were more interested in where I got the seams sewn for $5.00. Couldn't stop talking about it. So looks like Queen Street Cleaners is going to reap some rewards from this fiasco as well.

They done good, the folks at Ann Taylor LOFT.

Save your coupons and go buy something to wear to work. But check for crappy quality before paying. And save your receipts too, and remember where you put them.


  1. Congrats, I'll be sure to tell 2 friends and so on. Good to see that HL has changed a bit

  2. I am so glad to hear that you received the money. I am sick of stores not backing their products, so it is nice that one did the right thing.

  3. I love Ann Taylor Loft because their size 12 pants are roomy.

  4. but unfortunately, I had purchased some a little too roomy...(oozing thigh post) and had minor wardrobe malfunction. But in the end, LOFT did the right thing and paid to have them fixed. Without threat of twitter assault or blog bullying because if they knew of the public flogging, I'd clearly have a mailbox full of coupons! They did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. Good for them, cuz I do love the clothes!

  5. Well it's not What Not to Wear (greed is not good) but the karma is: here's to your pants' next life and to Ann Taylor LOFT for perpetuating goodness.