On-Ramper is Road Kill: I'm Going Back to Work

Less Ramping, More Working
I'm no flippin' on-ramper, I'm a return-to-work mom.

There's no off-ramp anywhere in the near future for me neither – not with kids 1, 2, 3, and 4 still nursing the pocketbook. Perhaps time without pay, but I'm not on anybody's ramp any more. No way. No how.

Women@Work Network, a premier placement firm for professional high-level executive types (and frankly, they are that good placing women in REAL jobs), generously launched this blog with several others in 2008. Taa-daa – only one remains . . . mine! Not because I'm a better writer, or offer more value, content, advice, or have better looking kids, but because frankly, I'm still at it. And not due to any extra promotion on their part either ... got nothing.  Really, really lame ladies. The name change takes me off the radar at womenatworknetwork.com -- unless they choose to update it. Fingers crossed!

I'm a Return to Work Mom. So-long On-Ramper.

Working at Home: Real Life
But I'm still blogging and working away, and not by the side of any old highway either. I'm working this blog, and writing copy and bringing in some dough and a little confidence. It's the confidence that's killed On-Ramper and launched RETURN TO WORK MOM. Accurate, real life descriptions of going back to work.

Social media goddess Lena West told me not so very long ago, "Consistency wins every time. Post, and post often. Be personal, offer value, but above all, be consistent." Thanks Lena. I didn't get it at the time, but as I learn more and more how to tame this internet beast, I realize exactly how brilliant you are.

It's consistency, tenacity, and persistence. With perhaps a teeny-tiny bit of attitude and stubborness thrown in as well.

Return to work mom: timely, raw, & real

I've renamed this blog with a URL to better land me into the thoughts of those seeking advice, support, and a few laughs about going back to work. Birds of a feather, we're in this together. Nobody's searching for on-rampers; no one even knows what that is. But moms everywhere are trying to navigate exactly what comes next as their kids need them less and less and they want and need to get back into the workforce.

Screw the on-rampers. Welcome to all moms reentering the workforce after taking time off to raise kids, care for parents, heal thyself, or reinvent a career.

Don't take it personally Women@Work Network. The On-Ramping image is a good one, but it just didn't stick. Working moms, working women, mommy track all works. On Ramper just never caught on. So I'm leaving it by the roadside.


  1. Love this! Now you're talkin!

  2. This is a great blog, and I'm glad to see that you've got the drive and tenacity to keep it going....you're right- most people don't know what an on-ramper is...this title is much more appealing, and appropriate. Nice going. Keep up the great job~