Distraught Dad vs. Unfit Mom

How about this?  James Willie Jones, the irrational distraught dad who stormed a schoolbus overcome with emotion and completely out-of-control to confront the punks bullying, harrassing and terrorizing his disabled 13-year old daughter...

.... to take on the entirely made-for-tv unfit mom, April Newcomb, who drove, encouraged and coached her teen daughter into a fistfight, and is clearly heard on video egging her on throughout the brawl, complete with Rocky's inspired tips.

I'm just saying... I love that dad.


  1. This Dads language was was rough, but I'm sure most of these kids have said worse. Can totally understand his rage. Aside from the language, I totally stand behind this Dad. Times have changed and bullying has been taken to another, uncontrollable limit. and it has to be stopped one way or the other. The Mom going with her child to the fight...well...wrong on every level. The kid and mother should have stayed home. Teaching your child to defend themselves...a Must !!!

  2. Dad's language and anger was most certainly rough, but everyone can relate. But that mom! PUH-leeeze! We give more criticism to Michael Vick than parents like her!