Commenting Creates Credibility

Inc.com did a cool piece back in May about how unbelievably boring, mundane, and dull business writing is. I've always thought business writing was mad-libs and commented such immediately, and low and behold, people read what I wrote. 

Business writing is god-awful, as Jason Fried so eloquently said, but it needn't be. With most articles on-line, the comments are most enlightening: an immediate focus group into the topic of choice. For me, it's writing, and my comment lead to a job lead almost immediately. 

Here's the real morale of the story: reading and monitoring your industry blogs and trades doesn't cut it. No more watching from the sidelines: you must comment.

You need a reputation. Comment and receive immediate credibility, and quite possibly, job leads.

No kidding. I commented on that story and another reader tracked me down via Facebook to quote a job for a company in Oregon. Magic! More than once my comments have lead to industry contacts, helpful colleagues, and potential jobs leads.

When you create an on-line presence in your particular field, getting back to work won't be as difficult as you think. It won't happen immediately, but it will happen in drips and drabs. Potential employers or clients are reading the same industry sites, forums and blogs as you, and you must introduce yourself. Do it with a comment. It could open a door or two.


  1. i so appreciate all the phone calls and emails about the writing.... but do me a favor and POST COMMENTS, follow and subscribe. Just hit the little RSS button and choose how you want to receive my most current braindump!

  2. i am loving your writing. however, i think you should edit more carefully for errors, both grammatical and spelling. i get that internet postings can sometimes be a tad laissez-faire (hence me never using capitalisation), but it's hard to take anyone seriously as they tell you they are a professional writer who deserves to paid when the errors are so rampant throughout the blog. just my two cents' worth. topically speaking, the posts are awesome. i wish you were my friend in real life.

  3. I hear ya sista. Typos, grammatical errors prevail, but can't post with speed and authenticity between paying gigs and driving carpool. Consider this blog like stopping by my house for a cup of coffee – didn't vacuum! And you are spot on about creating credibility as a professional writer, except...when writing for dental schools, aviation services, ophthalmology, dining services, banking, and other riveting copy, you can bet your sweet ass it's clean, precise and spot-on. Without the sweet-ass comment. And ps: We're friends sugar! just don't expect a clean house when you visit.