Four for Four

I've been beating my brain to remember the names of colleagues and friends I worked so closely with nearly a decade ago. How I can remember where we kept the secret stash of copier toner to this day, but not my VP of marketing? Weird, that selective memory. We knew each other so well back then, how could I possibly forget? Day in and day out . . . nights too, and softball and reorganization and conferences and travel and mergers and acquisitions and carpooling and weddings and funerals, finally I come up with some. 
As names trickled back however slowly, a domino effect emerged. One name leads to another and waa-laa! I have a virtual company directory growing in my mind. 
Good news — four for four remembered me. And remembered me fondly, which is always a good thing. But then the bad news: all four people contacted — all four — were laid off in the past few months. Four different professions: graphic designer, web designer, conventions manager, and multi-lingual genius IT woman . . . all outsourced, downsized, gone. 
While I'm actively pursuing contacts to return to the workforce after a child-rearing hiatus, these professionals kept at it full-time. State-of-the-art skills, major contacts, multi-dimensional backgrounds. They're not beating their brains trying to remember the editor who thought they showed extraordinary promise. Or the director who said they'd take you anywhere. Or the sales representative who said when you're sick of sitting in a cube, call me. 
They are those people but they're hoping I can help them
Uh oh. The economic tsunami has hit close to home. Real close. 


  1. Scary scary scary. This is a tough time for all

  2. how do you network when we're all out of work? or scared we're next if we're lucking enuf to still have a job.

  3. four was way back then . . .a whole week ago. Without searching, I've run into 5 more neighbors and friends. Not six degrees of separation, but first generation friends that have lost their jobs. It's epidemic and getting so much worse with each newscast....

  4. well since we've been in touch, at least 35+ of my colleagues, people I actually know at my former employer, were handed their pink slips. My "career" coach recommends I attend networking sessions, but what value is there in networking with people that have lost their jobs & whose employers aren't hiring???? If one more job search engine sends me another "Truck Driving,free training opportunity" I think I might just take it!