Don't Be A Nana

New Year's Resolution 2009: don't be a Nana. I don't want to be the woman who can't work a tape deck. Or use an ATM. Or a VCR. Or drive a stick. Perhaps I was a bit behind the times waiting until the 90s to get a microwave, but that's all changing. Today. The technological revolution has left me a bumbling grandma and I'm not 50 . . . yet. 
But I can't work the Tivo. Or my cellphone or my camera or the computer and only kinda sortof my Ipod and we all know my difficulties with email, internet, and um, blogging. (But hey, many, many people have told me they can't figure out how to comment or follow or link or whatever to this blog. It's not just me.)
But for 2009, I'm trying. I'm on LinkedIn, it's like Facebook for professional people. But then, you all knew that, didn't you. But I didn't. My husband has 113 contacts. I have five. And there's a ga-zillion people on Facebook — people just like me. Reconnecting with work colleagues, college friends, high school memories, and long lost cousins. Which guarantees only one thing: the kids are onto something new. Buy stock in whatever that is and you won't have to worry about finding your next job.
My teens think I'm pathetic. I know I am. But so are many, many return-to-work moms just like me. Friend me, and we'll talk.
PS. Looky what I did! I added this little follower thingy: called a gadget (or widget or something like that).  See, I am learning. Don't ask me how to work it, but someone, someplace please quick, figure it out and become a follower. My ego can't handle the lack of links, friends, and now, followers. What a sad little zero . . . kids 1 and 2 are right. I really am quite pathetic. 

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  1. You're far from pathetic, you need to spend the majority of your day online and listening to other people (usually younger ones) to find out the latest and greatest on technology. It's hard for anyone to keep up and figure it out. You're well on your way though by using linked in, this is a great site to connect to other people. Plus the best part is, if an old colleague moves jobs you know where they are and what they are doing, no more calling an old friend and getting the message of "they no longer work here".