Changing of the Guards

What a beautiful thing, to be glued to the tv, not in terror and tears, but in awe and aspiration. It's a new day, and the list is long, but we have a new president and a new attitude and a new direction. There's an energy in the air that's almost palpable. Can you feel it?
Get to work. Please. The for-sale signs line our neighborhood, friends are being re-deployed (again), and lay-offs are the only topic at every swim meet, every basketball game, in line at the dump and the grocery store. We've heard the warnings of the economic downturn hitting main street . . . and here it is, quietly seeping into our town with the rath of hurricane, but the silence of a funeral. 
The inspiration of yesterday was deflated with the emails of today. But tomorrow will be brighter  — it has to be — don't you think?

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  1. I say THANK GOD for the changing of the guard. How in he** did Bush ever get into office, not once but twice???I still talk to some older people, (in their 80's) who find no fault with Bush. Of course these people lived through the first depression and maybe in comparrison he wasn't quite that bad, but pretty friggin close if you ask me. I have every hope that President Obama can grab us by our bootstraps and start to haul our sorry cabooses out of the fire. What an uphill battle he's got, Good luck and all my prayers are with him and the survival of our nation.